Millhouse Green

The NDP and the Community Led Plan

Does the Penistone NDP replace our existing Community Led Plan (CLP) ?

The honest answer is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ !

‘Yes’, in that the CLP no longer has any legal, statutory or planning weight and does not have to be referred to by BMBC when undertaking assessment of plans for our area.

Click here to read the original CLP document.
Please note that this is a large document (5.2MB) and may not be suitable for download if mobile phone data usage is an issue.

However, ‘No’ in that the Area Council & Wards Alliances have used the CLP to set their local priorities for our area in their plans.

A lot of the hard work that was done for the compilation of the CLP can be used to help form the Penistone NDP, but in all honesty we will be asking you more questions about your thoughts on the future direction of development in our area.  Please, take the time to respond to such surveys & queries and attend any outside events we advertise.  The only way the Penistone NDP can adequately express your views is if we know them in the first place !