View of Penistone from the Recreation ground

Regulation 16

Barnsley Council have now published the Penistone Neighbourhood Plan. It can be seen here:

What is regulation 16?

Regulation 16 is the 4th step in the Neighbourhood Plan process:

Step 4: Submission of a neighbourhood plan or Order proposal to the local planning authority

  • Qualifying body submits the plan or Order proposal to the local planning authority
  • Local planning authority checks that submitted proposal complies with all relevant legislation
  • If the local planning authority finds that the plan or order meets the legal requirements it:
    • publicises the proposal for minimum 6 weeks and invites representations
    • notifies consultation bodies referred to in the consultation statement
    • appoints an independent examiner (with the agreement of the qualifying body”

We are at step 4 of 7 stages

After this is Step 5, Independent Examination.

Step 6: referendum of all in the area to say yes or no to adopt the plan

Step 7: plan is a in force.


Click the links below to download PDF copies of each document. (Left-click = open in an new tab; right-click = save to your computer).

Penistone Heritage Character Assessment (5MB)

Penistone Local Green Spaces (supporting evidence) (4.4MB)

Penistone NDP Basic Conditions (Final Statement) (400KB)

Penistone NDP Consultation (Final Statement) (1MB)

Penistone Neighbourhood Plan (Submission Version) (4.9MB)