View of Penistone from the Trans Pennine Trail

Examiner Stage

What is the independent examiner’s role?

When considering the content of a neighbourhood plan or Order proposal, an independent examiner’s role is limited to testing whether or not a draft neighbourhood plan or Order meets the basic conditions, and other matters set out in paragraph 8 of Schedule 4B to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended). The independent examiner is not testing the soundness of a neighbourhood plan or examining other material considerations.

When considering a proposal for the modification of a neighbourhood plan that is already in force, an independent examiner must first decide whether the proposed modifications are so significant or substantial as to change the nature of the plan.

Please find within this section questions raised by the examiner John Slater who is Penistone Neighbourhood Plans independently appointed examiner

The Process

Within the first document you will find the question he raised to both Penistone Town Council and Barnsley MBC.

Our initial response to his questions can be found in document 2 , but we chose to respond to the BMBC regulation 16 comment separately and these can be found in document 4.

Barnsley MBCs answer to their questions raised by the examiner are within document 3.

Documents 5 onwards are from various parties, further discussing matter.

Non-Designated Assets

Detailed mapping in support of the penistone neighbourhood development plan.

Please click here to view the Non-Designated assets document (1.2MB)