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Welcome to the Penistone NDP

January 2016 saw the start of the work on our Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan. Throughout the course of the project Penistone Town Council have been conducting research, asking your opinion, speaking to our consultants and slowly but surely compiling the Penistone NDP.


On July 11th 2019 the public was invited to take part in a referendum to approve or reject the Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan: 89% of the electorate approved the plan. A PDF copy of the official declaration can be seen here:
Declaration of Penistone NDP Poll Results.

For reference, the referendum version of the Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan can be seen here.

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What is an "NDP"?

A Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) concerns the Development of our area in many ways and can be used to influence housing, business development and development of green space & leisure facilities; it’s not about litter & dog fouling.

The Penistone NDP will be created, and will belong to, the people of Penistone and the surrounding area. It is for all of us, whether we live in Millhouse Green, Thurlstone, Penistone, Springvale, Hoylandswaine, Cubley or in smaller outlying areas.

Find out more in the What is…? section.

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Get Involved!

All your views are important so please attend any publicised meetings and give us your views by completing any surveys issued.

For further news and events regarding OUR Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan please use the details below.

Email: (or use the form on the Contact page)
Telephone: 01226 370088
Twitter: @PenistoneNDP
Facebook: Penistone NDP

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The NDP Roadshow

Over the coming months the Penistone NDP will be appearing throughout the region to promote the work it does.

These events will be hosted at prominent local venues by team leaders and will provide the opportunity for you to ask questions, offer opinions and volunteer.

New events will be listed here on the News pageFacebookTwitter and also posters and flyers.

News & Events

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